How to Craft a Successful Board Meeting Reminder

A well-crafted reminder for meetings is an effective communication tool which helps to increase the preparedness of participants and increases the efficiency and effectiveness of scheduled engagements. It includes prompt and clear communication with important meeting information like the meeting’s title and date and time, the location or virtual platform as well as the agenda. It also includes an action-call to remind participants to confirm their attendance or to address any concerns. The inclusion of these elements ensures that participants are aware of scheduled meetings, mitigates the likelihood of omissions, and encourages attendance.

Begin with a polite salutation and a gesture of goodwill, then quickly announce the details of the meeting in the subject line so that the invitees can prioritise it in their inbox. Leverage email automation tools to make it simple for attendees to view and access their meeting details from the email announcement. Be aware that too many reminders could backfire. The quality of your email is more important than quantity when it comes email subject lines.

Keep a professional tone in the reminder. Encourage attendees to confirm their attendance or reply. Include any additional pertinent information to be reviewed. Include the meeting’s URL or information about the platform in the body of the email to highlight the importance of your event and to reduce the risk that you will not receive important communications. Finally, remember to provide contact information to allow attendees to cancel or change their schedule if they’re not able to attend. By doing this you show your guests respect and help create a culture of accountability and preparedness.

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